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Customized Anu Guitar


This is a highly customized Anu guitar, manufactured at Graffiti Warehouse. It sounds wonderful and is truly a suitable guitar for all playing styles. Equipped with a six way pickup selector as well as two narrow field humbuckers, the player can choose from a wide variety of tones. each humbucker can be split into single coils left as humbuckers or you cam use neck and bridge humbucker to get a wide range humbucker. The volume control is equipped with a treble bleed capacitor which maintains clarity and keeps of treble and overall signal from getting muddy when the volume is turned down. also the tone control has a tropical fish tone. Structurally this guitar is about as thick as a fender strat but with a carved top and back it rests much light and comfortable. This thin line all flame maple design allows for a lightweight ergonomic guitar that resonates and rings out with sonic clarity. The thin wide shape flame maple lets the guitar vibrate more like a bell and stay light while the maple maintains sonic clarity. All aspects truly come together to compliment each other and the whole of this instrument.

When you pick this guitar up you will notice the smooth organic feel. All of the edges are rounded and extra blended. This not only looks great but it also helps protect from dings and chipping the finish on those edges. all parts of the guitar appear to be melding into the whole. The fretboard blends into the top, the top flows into the horns,  and the neck pocket/cut always are easily maneuverable to all 22 frets. The fretboard is also slightly blended to remove the edge.

1 piece flame maple top
book matched flame maple back
Flame maple neck
Flame maple fretboard
Continuous wood magnetic back plate
Matching flame maple
Headstock veneer
Pickup rings
Truss rod cover
Chrome hardware
Locking tuners
2.5 mm side dots
Ebony wood knobs
Jumbo stainless steel frets
strap locks

6 way freeway switch
Neck                   NeckSC
Neck+Bridge     NeckSC+BridgeSC
Bridge                BridgeSC

Volume control w/ treble bleed
Tropical fish tone control

25.5″ scale length
Dual action truss rod

This guitar is finished with polyurethane and has a semigloss appearance. due to the semi gloss appearance upon close inspection in certain light, slight dense swirls may be visible. This dense swirl pattern is the semi gloss aspect. This formula of poly is also less likely to crack and chip and is more resistant to humidity and temperature shifts while still being as thin and hard as possible.  We use finish that does not rely on mechanical bonding so the wash coat in the wood is melded with the base and top coats. Being patient with the finishing process as well as finding this great and versatile finish allows these guitars to be protected from as much as they  can and breathe the great tones they are meant too.

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