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SHOP AND SHOOT – Sept 17th

A James Lee video short of some of Graffiti Warehouse art

Saturday, Sept 17th from 2 PM - 8 PM. Rain or shine.
DJ will continue spinning after 8 PM, we want you to stay and party, no extra charge

Graffiti Warehouse will be hosting another event for the Greater Baltimore Photography community (I mean, we’re all Hons, right?).

The “Shoot” part of the event is self explanatory – it will be just like the Meet and Greet in August.

The “Shop” part of the event is something new we will be trying. I know many people who have gear (shoes, clothes, lightstands, lenses, cables, flash modifiers) that they no longer use or need. I know many people who have been less than satisified selling things using the interwebs. Well, here’s your chance to interact with live people, just like the bazaars in parts of the world without AC. of We will be encouraging people to bring items they want to sell or swap to other members. Pricing and deals is entirely up to you.

Want to trade a suitcase full of Victorian Corsets for a slightly used camera body? Have you realized that Manfrotto Nano stands fall over in a light breeze and want to trade up? Do you love your Einstein so much that you will never use your SB-800 again? Do you want to dump your D700 before it’s been replaced and made obsolete? It’s time to clean out the closet to make room for more goodies, or get money for school, or for Max’s.

All deals are strictly between the two individuals, Graffiti Warehouse is not policing or responsible for any transactions. No Software can be traded, as per MM rules – we’re simply providing the space.

If you have something that you want to trade or need, post an add to the Model Mayhem Market section and on there post a link to the thread on Model Mayhem . Do not post items for sale, trade, or wanted in the forum advertising this event or you will be locked.

Standard Graffiti Warehouse door pricing of $20 per Photographer and $5 per model/non photographer applies.

Your donations support the arts at Graffiti Warehouse:

$5 – Models / MUA’s
$20 – Photographers / Escorts
$20 – Private Studio $20 for 1/2 hr

You can pay at the door or with Paypal, please mark payment as “donation” or “gift” since we are a non profit organization


See the Reservations page on how to pay with Paypal – except when you leave a message – specify ‘SHOOT & SHOP – Sept 17’ in the Subject Area> Also leave your personal information in the Message area so we know who you are.

Check out the Model Mayhem event thread:


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